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Leo the German Shepherd

German Shepherd

In the Beginning

May 1, 2016, Leo the German Shepherd melted the hearts of his human parents, Vince and Melinda Caropreso and some would say it was “woof at first sight.” 

Why a German Shepherd

A mascot should exemplify the ideals of the organization it represents. At Team Caropreso, we chose Leo the German Shepherd as our mascot, since he possesses the same traits that our team members provide to our clients. 

List of Shared Traits: 

  • Calm Under Pressure

Did you know that buying or selling a home is listed as one of the most stressful events a person will experience. Our experienced agents remain calm during the transaction to help reduce your stress during the entire experience.

  • Swift Responsiveness

Our team delivers swift responsiveness with clients throughout the entire real estate process. This is seen through utilizing multiple channels of communication, increased availability and flexibility for meetings or showings, and employs the latest real estate technology tools.

  • Next-level problem solver

When buying or selling a home, problems do arise. Our experienced team members are prepared for any unforeseen issues that may arise and skilled creatively solve them.

  • Protective

Our team will protect our client’s best interests as we are bound by fiduciary responsibility. That is, we establish a relationship of trust, transparency and confidence with our clients and act in the client’s best interest at all times.  

  • Loyalty

Satisfied customers and strong, trusting relationships are the core of our business. We build lifelong relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and wants and then tailoring the real estate experience based on their goals.

Join the Pack

Since Leo’s arrival into Vince and Melinda’s home and business, he has been a welcomed addition to their busy real estate office. Leo melts the hearts of the team and has made all members of Team Caropreso part of his pack! We invite you to join our pack and see why we are known for “Excellence in Real Estate.” 

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