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Millersville Real Estate

Welcome to Millersville, Maryland

Millersville is a medium-sized coastal town (i.e. on the ocean, a bay, or inlet) located in the state of Maryland. With a population of 21,450 people and four constituent neighborhoods, Millersville is the 51st largest community in Maryland. Millersville, was named for the first Postmaster, George Miller, was the first Post Office to be designated, in 1841, along the Annapolis & Elkridge Railroad. Completed in 1840, the A & E was one of the earliest rail lines in this country, connecting Annapolis with the Washington Branch of the B & O Railroad. The Childs Residence, is locally significant, as it was the dwelling of the first Postmaster in Millersville, and for having continuously served as the Post Office and community store for 130 years.

Today Millersville is still a small crossroads village, surrounded by existing and proposed modern residential and industrial park development. The Childs Residence is the focal point of the town; it is the visual link to the past significance of this rural commercial center. It has been relatively unaltered and has retained its architectural integrity, giving a sense of time and place to the village of Millersville.