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Upsizing Your Home


Need Room To Grow?

There comes a time when many home buyers find that their first home doesn’t seem as spacious as it had in the beginning. If you have found yourself needing more space in your home, you are not alone. On average, home buyers “Upsize” their home approximately 6 years after purchasing their first home.

Top 10 Reasons home buyers “Upsize” to a new home:

  1. Lack of Storage Space
  2. Lack of Living Space
  3. Getting Married
  4. Job Promotion
  5. Starting a Family
  6. Relocating for New Employment
  7. In-laws joining the Household
  8. Housing Market is performing well
  9. Moving to a Different Community
  10. First home becomes an investment property

Now that you have decided to “Upsize” to a larger home, Team Caropreso will provide you with the best service and the most qualified advice from our professional team of agents. Our agents have specialized to custom tailoring our services & provide advice with your specific goals and needs. With the real estate market performing extremely well, now is the time to “Upsize” into your new home.