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New Construction Homes Imagine buying your dream home. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

Congratulations, you have made the decision to purchase a New Construction Home!

Have you noticed that a majority of homebuying advice is aimed at people who are buying an existing home? You probably wonder if there is any advice for homebuyers about New Construction Homes? The answer is: YES! Our team is dedicated to assist all homebuyers, including New Construction Homes.

We have complied a list of questions many of our New Construction homebuyers ask:

1. Do I need a Real Estate Agent representing me/us when purchasing a New Construction Home?
2. How long does building process take?
3. What options are included in a new construction home and what is considered an “upgrade” that cost extra?

Real Estate Representation:

Team Caropreso Buyer’s Agent –
1. Looks out for your best interest during the entire building experience.
2. Provides skill-base knowledge regarding the building process and answers your questions during the entire process
3. Analyze and negotiate your purchase contract
4. Prioritizing options and upgrades that will increase your home’s future value
5. Compile housing data to make sure your getting a fair price and you didn’t miss any details that could turn out to be problems later on.

Builder’s Sales Agent –
1. Has been hired by the builder to represent the builder’s best interest
2. Is paid to sell the community and even upgraded options
3. Negotiates on Builder’s behalf


Immediate Delivery – An Immediate Delivery New Construction Home is one that is either completed or in the final stages of completion. These types of new homes are common as they tend to be offered as part of large, master-planned developments. Plus, Immediate Delivery Homes can be made available to you in 0-30 days, depending on the builder finishing or wrapping up the final touches on the home.

Custom Build – Custom Build Homes can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months, meaning you need to have a plan for where you’ll live in the meantime. Why is there such a difference in timeframes? Builders are required to prepare the lot, obtain permits and approvals, fight against weather conditions, changing of options during the building process, and many other factors. At the end of the process, many homebuyers find that the length in time was worth the wait as they move into a home built about their needs and desires!

Upgrades and Options:

The first advantage for new construction is that everything is new, fresh, modern, and includes the latest design trends. Appliances, roofs, heating/air-conditioning systems, and windows will be energy efficient and include all the newest features. But, how do you know what is included and whether you should consider any new construction upgrades?

This is exactly why you need Team Caropreso by your side. From the very beginning of the process, an agent on our team will accompany you on your first visit to the new construction. Our agent will help guide you through the process of contract, options & upgrades, meeting with the builder, having a home inspection, pre-settlement walk-through and closing day.

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Our goal is to be informative and helpful. Through our 21 years of experience, we hope to earn your business with our exemplary level of service and extensive local knowledge of the Central Maryland area. We recently have expanded real estate services to southern Pennsylvania.

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