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What to Expect from a Listing Agent

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What role does a listing agent play?

A listing agent’s job is to help direct the seller in preparing the house for sale, market the property to buyer’s agents, and handle the offer and transaction process to get the sale to completion.

So when you think about your expectations for your agent, make sure they fit within that scope.

However, the specific responsibilities can vary from agent to agent. A good listing agent will help you price your home, attend pitch sessions, recommend a photographer and stager to make your home look its best, and put your home on the multiple listing service.

Set expectations from the start

To make sure you’re both on the same page, you should discuss your expectations from the get-go with any real estate agent you plan on hiring. Find out how often you’ll communicate, and by what means.

We touch base with our sellers when we have feedback from showings or agent tour.

Don’t be afraid to be open and to the point with your real estate agent.

Once you’re in agreement, put it in writing in the form of a listing agreement.

A listing agreement should be a partnership. Both parties should outline their expectations in the beginning, in detail, and in writing.

You won’t see all the agent’s work

Just because things seem quiet doesn’t mean the agent isn’t working on your behalf.

A lot of the work we do tends to be invisible—such as networking with other agents, maintaining the listing, answering calls or inquiries, and sending out information.

However, if more regular updates will make you happy, make sure you let your agent know.

When things go wrong

Sometimes, even after you’ve agreed on everything with your agent in writing, your expectations aren’t met. What then?

Before you send that angry email, be honest with yourself and see if you’re holding anything up.

Look at the home’s condition—how does it show?  Are there too many restrictions on showing requests?

If you truly believe that your home looks show-ready and that you’ve made it available,  you might need to revisit the pricing. That could be why you haven’t attracted interest yet.

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