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Advantages of Selling during the Holidays

Home sellers and real estate agents often fear the winter months because it seems like a poor time to list during the holidays. The truth is that winter can be a great time to list your home for sale. Our team has listed the top 3 advantages of selling during the Holidays:

1. Less Inventory
Conventional wisdom tries to say that taking your home off the market in winter, or waiting to list, until the spring selling season starts is the best way to sell your home. The truth is that if you are trying to sell your home, wouldn’t you rather list while the competition is less? 

2. Higher Prices
With the end of the summer season, often homes are removed from the market, either because the sellers mistakenly believe they need to wait for the spring. But when listings flood the market in April, prices can go down as a “buyers’ market” takes hold and inventory increases.

3. Serious Buyers
Buyers in the winter also tend to be more serious about a home purchase. The holidays are a time to relax and enjoy family and friends. In real estate, studies show that if a buyer is out looking for a new home during these months, they have a reason to move, which tend to create better offers. Home sellers can enhance their ability to capitalize on the slower pace and
smaller inventory by listing their homes for sale now. Winter is the perfect time to get the highest possible sales price while the competition is drinking pumpkin spiced lattes and waiting for the spring.

According to, these 3 reasons and a few more show why selling during the holiday season is not only a smart choice, but may also be a more profitable one as well!

Bottom Line

Let’s get your home on the market during this holiday season! Fill in your address below to learn more about your home’s value or fill out the contact form below to be connected with one of our Listing Specialists. Capitalize on the holiday season and avoid a costly mistake.

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